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NHA Properties Inc. d/b/a Housing Nantucket
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Housing Nantucket's mission to provide sustainable, community housing opportunities for Nantucket.

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Housing Nantucket strives to create housing opportunities in a community that struggles with the deep divide between income levels. The organization has been a leader in “green” housing development – by utilizing house recycling methods. However, the organization took a different step in 2007, by creating a policy that all new houses would be up to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards and utilize innovative technologies, such as wind and solar power. “Affordable & Green” is a print piece that will accompany the open houses and public outreach at our newest affordable housing units. The document is intended to be a general information piece that explains the green building process to the public in a non-threatening way, while reinforcing our organization’s goal of creating green, affordable housing units. It uses photographs of our current building projects as well as a “cut away” of a typical house showing the elements of green construction. This project is intended to be the keystone document for our future print elements. We are currently developing a series of case studies, a tenant handbook for the green units, construction standards and public outreach documents – all of which will use the common element of “Affordable & Green.” All of the work on this project was done in-house with a Co-Op student and through a pro-bono relationship with New York City based Guiding Graphics. Adobe has supported our project by enabling Guiding Graphics and Housing Nantucket the ability to “speak the same language.” Internally, Housing Nantucket used Photoshop to modify photographs for use in the document and to import the Sketch-Up file. Guiding Graphics then worked on the actual document in Illustrator and InDesign, passing it back and forth over the internet, where Housing Nantucket staff could edit and modify the documents. Adobe allowed this project to be a collaborative effort – not only between Housing Nantucket and Guiding Graphics – but a project that collaborates green, affordable and the community. The impact of this document will be to change perceptions about affordable housing and to encourage more local residents to “go green.”
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