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Bay Area Wilderness Training
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BAWT exists as a vital, comprehensive and ongoing source of support to agencies that lead youth wilderness trips. We believe that urban youth, once exposed to wilderness, have a broadened sense of themselves, each other, and the world around them. BAWT extends it services to the eight counties of the San Francisco Bay Area. We hope other organizations will take this vision to the rest of the country and the larger world.

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Bay Area Wilderness Training creates opportunities for urban youth to experience the wilderness first-hand. BAWT trains youth workers and teachers so that they can lead successful overnight wilderness trips with at-risk and underprivileged youth. We then loan them all the gear they need – as well as provide them financial support if needed and access to low-cost vehicles. Through these comprehensive services BAWT has provided life-affirming wilderness adventures for 7,612 youth since 1999. BAWT relies heavily on a cadre of volunteers and interns to keep its programs running. All marketing is done in-house or by volunteers. We have been using Adobe Creative Suite for everything we do, from web graphics to stickers, postcards and banners. Late last year staff began to think about how to create greener products as well as how to reduce printing costs. Our most important print piece is the main brochure and program catalog. Utilizing Adobe Software and a creative team that included an intern with graphic design skills, an art director who volunteered her time, and the founder/CEO of BAWT who served as a copywriter, the brochure project was officially launched in December 2008. Previously, the brochure had been a stapled saddle-back multi-page “magazine” printed and re-designed yearly. In the new edition we decided to separate the information that would change yearly from the information that would remain the same from year to year. This enables us to only update what we need to from year to year so is a big savings in printing costs, and also enables us to provide people with the specific information they need. With the same amount of content formatted in a smarter way, we can get more use out fewer pieces. For example, someone, who already knows the organization, but needs the info on the first aid course dates, would only get the insert. People not familiar with the organization but unlikely to take the training, like donors, would get only the main brochure. All of our professionally printed material is done at a local print shop, Greenerprinter, with recycled, environmentally sustainable papers, soy-based inks and water-based coatings. The brochure was printed on an uncoated cover stock, and the insert on a lighter stock of the same paper. The visual style of the brochure differs from the earlier materials, and it sparked a mini-rebranding effort. We are now creating all of our materials based on the elements in this one. The elements are rugged and organic, and combined with amazing original photography evoke a feeling of solitude and peace in nature. All in all, the BAWT “rebrand” project has been a very successful effort in that it aligned our graphic identity throughout the organization, maximized our resources, and enabled us to be more effective in our messaging to the community. This spring, the amount of applicants for internships and trainings has risen, and that could be partly because of our new branding. Having professional software has helped us tremendously to look professional and sharp. Thanks Adobe!
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