Bridging Urban Places with Green Spaces

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Downtown Akron Partnership
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Our mission is to promote and build a vibrant and valuable downtown.

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Bridging Urban Places with Green Spaces is pretty much as it sounds. Working and living in an urban environment can make us forget that there is more out there than skyscrapers, endless pavement and the sight, sound and smell of traffic. That’s where the Green Spaces come in. We can’t take credit for that. That’s just nature that others have had the foresight to preserve in its natural state and to provide passages to link them. Eventually, the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail will stretch 110 miles from Cleveland’s Canal Basin Park near Lake Erie, south to Dover and New Philadelphia in Tuscarawas County. Our little patch of this ode to nature runs through downtown Akron. The canal and towpath are an important part of Akron’s history. The lay of the land made it necessary for a staircase of locks to position the canal boats upward or downward for their journey along the Canal. The process took all day. General stores, rooming houses, restaurants and some less reputable enterprises sprang up to accommodate the needs of the crew and passengers of the canal boats during their wait. Some saw the potential and stayed and Akron was born. The brochure submitted for this contest is a partnership with the Cascade Locks Park Association to make residents and visitors aware of the Towpath Trail and the parks, trails and greenways available to them. The inside panels provide a comprehensive map of the facilities available. We are a small nonprofit whose mission is to promote and build a vibrant and valuable downtown. Our small staff tries every day to make a big difference in downtown Akron. There are no design majors here, but the usability of InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver CS3 allows us to communicate creatively and in a relevant manner with our downtown stakeholders. Thanks to Adobe’s contribution to the nonprofit sector, we have access to state-of-the-art software without crippling our marketing budget. In addition to the brochure submitted, we also produce safety brochures, downtown parking and skywalk maps, business directories, guides, reports and an awesome website that anticipates the needs of our stakeholders.
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