Care for All of Creation

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Intercommunity Peace & Justice Center
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The Intercommunity Peace & Justice Center acts for justice in the church and in the world.

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Impact Essay
Adobe products facilitated our creation of a program which addresses the intimidating topic of environmental concerns and invites hopeful possibilities. "Care for All of Creation" is a six session adult education process in booklet form designed for small groups. It explores the connection between faith and the care for Earth by combining facts, scripture, stories of hope, and discussion guidelines in a cohesive and attractive format. "Care for All of Creation" contains a wealth of information for its compact size and users comment that it is both inviting and informative. Adobe products made it possible for us to easily synthesize reference materials into a high quality, attractive 60 page booklet, creatively combining graphs, visuals, quotes, maps and stories. Obtaining Adobe Creative Suite 3 (CS3) through Techsoup enabled us to produce "Care for All of Creation" in-house at a low cost. We used Adobe CS3 to create flyers and our website to drive our regional and national promotion of the program. The response has been strong. High demand for the program has prompted a second printing. Churches and faith communities which are new collaborators with our organization are taking advantage of our resources through this program. They are using this practical, engaging program to deepen their members’ understanding of and response to today’s environmental issues. Sometimes all we need is information and the support of others to make important changes in our own lives and in our communities. Our program has led many groups to take effective action, harnessing the synergy of faith communities to improve our environment. We appreciate the Adobe technology that has helped us translate theory and desire for change into practical measures.
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