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E-Tech International
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Santa Fe, 
New Mexico
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E-Tech is a small, “bare bones” successful, rapid-response non-profit that provides scientific and engineering environmental support and technical capacity building to indigenous and other communities affected by international development projects. We have worked for six years in Peru, Ecuador, to a lesser extent in Mexico, Nigeria, Guatemala, Ghana and Mali.

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E-Tech International has used Adobe Acrobat unimaginatively and very successfully to circulate documents that have helped halted ruptures caused by negligent corporate practices along a 700 kilometer long natural gas project’s pipeline in Peru. Currently we are using it to circulate an agenda and announcement for a nationwide conference to be held April 16-17 on improving oil and gas impacts in Peru bringing together stakeholders who ordinarily will not sit in the same room. We used Acrobat a week ago to circulate our report on overseeing the oil cleanup of Occidental Petroleum wastes on land that was reclaimed by the Achuar indigenous people on the Peruvian-Ecuador border after the Achuar seized oil company wells and halted production. We used Adobe to circulate technical analyses and soil-water monitoring reports for a class action suit against Chevron-Texaco (see NY Times 4/10/09) for dumping 1000s of pools of oil wastes on the Ecuador-Colombia border for Ecuadoran activists who were awarded the 2007 prestigious Goldman Award. We used Adobe to circulate analyses of how to halt natural gas flaring in Nigeria permanently. We are using Adobe to create and circulate analyses of mining water pollution impacts for Oxfam America from giant gold mines in Guatemala, Peru, Mali and Ghana. We used it to circulate information on refining and liquid natural gas impacts in northwestern Mexico for a report that the corporations used as a basis to change their environmental impact statements. Adobe is the universally used medium to allow huge and complex graphics to be reduced to a usable size in a tamper proof manner. For E-Tech it has permitted us to communicate an enormous amount of information effectively and will continue to do so. We are submitting a simple Techsoup donation-created PDF—our latest report.
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