Help Us Save Austin Hot Springs - a NW Forest Conservancy Project

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Northwest Forest Conservancy
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Northwest Forest Conservancy (NFC) is a local, grassroots nonprofit corporation based in Clackamas County, Oregon. Our mission is to be an organization dedicated to then protection, restoration, education, and responsible management of the forest, all it contains, and all the lands and waters it influences.

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As the volunteer designer for Northwest Forest Conservancy (NFC) I have found that using the Adobe software (CS3 Suite) has been the key to producing quality and professional advertising campaigns for the numerous projects the NFC is working on. The project we are submitting is focused on raising money for the restoration and maintenance of a local hot springs and campground that has been closed for many years. The Austin Hot Springs site has significant historical value and at the moment is privately owned. People are trespassing, vandalizing the area and has been in the news recently because of people getting burned and other criminal activity. The site is in desperate need of regulation to once again make it a safe place for the public to enjoy. We have been able to produce a complete public campaign including a website layout that was design using Photoshop and Dreamweaver, logo , brochures, billboards, posters, postcards, signs, mailers, newspaper ads, banners and other promotional products that are all used to spread the word for the fund raising that is needed to acquire the hot springs and surrounding property. Without this software we would have been using sub-par software and probably would not have been able to produce the graphics and layout of such high standards. Our ultimate goal was to show the public that this is a professional, classy organization that will manage the Austin Hot Springs in the same manner...and we have been able to achieve this by utilizing the software purchased through TechSoup. Thank you!
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