Mapping Oil & Gas Development in the Wyoming Range

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American Wildlands
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Keeping the world renowned Northern Rockies ecologically intact by maintaining connections between key habitats for healthy populations of native wildlife

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Through our Community GIS Services program, American Wildlands is building connections within the greater conservation community of the U.S. Northern Rockies. We start by connecting conservation organizations from across the U.S. Northern Rockies with the benefits of Geographic Information System (GIS) computer modeling, analysis, and mapping. Then, by sharing our GIS expertise and products, we create a network of information and services that supports conservation activities throughout the region. The use of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop has allowed us to overcome many of the limitations of traditional GIS software and create visually effective pieces to convey important conservation issues in the region. Adobe Illustrator allows us to import map layers, apply visual effects (transparency, highlighting, etc.), and add clear labels. We can then add additional text and photos over the map to create an informative and appealing print piece. The piece we have submitted, "An Industrial Domino Effect in the Wyoming Range?," conveys encroaching oil and gas leasing practices along the Wyoming Range of west-central Wyoming. The map and information tell the story of energy development in the area and highlight the irreplaceable natural areas that are under threat. This piece was successfully used in a mass mailing to garner support for federal legislation to permanently protect the Wyoming Range from energy development.
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