Mass Energy: Generating power. Empowering a generation.

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Mass Energy Consumers Alliance
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Boston, MA, 
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Since 1982, Mass Energy has pursued a mission to make energy more affordable and environmentally sustainable for the consumers of Massachusetts.

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Generating Power: Empowering a Generation. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Since 1982, Mass Energy Consumers Alliance has been working to make energy more affordable and environmentally sustainable. Starting out in Boston with our discount heating oil program, and expanding throughout the state and into Rhode Island with our renewable energy programs, we have a solid track record of helping consumers and the environment. As we have expanded and added programs, we have benefited from Adobe’s software donations to us through TechSoup. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Our New England GreenStart program allows consumers to opt to pay a little more on their electrical bill to support renewable energy in New England by purchasing producers’ Renewable Energy Credits. New England Wind Fund is our off-the-electricity-bill program that funds new wind power developments in the region. The more of our energy that comes from these renewable sources, the less that comes from polluting, unsustainable, unhealthy fossil fuels. While both programs aim to increase the supply of renewable energy by increasing the market incentive for producers, Mass Energy provides not only financial support, but also educational opportunities to the communities in which these projects are built. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In a partnership with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, we have operated the Community Solar Challenge for the past few years. Through this program communities were given a chance to earn a free solar panel installation for if enough residents signed up for the Wind Fund. Since this program works on the community level, and the marketing is grassroots, we printed InDesign-created flyers and let community activists do the rest. Most winning towns have chosen to put their panels on public buildings like schools and community centers to maximize the educational as well as the electrical benefits of their systems. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mass Energy also finances the creation of new turbines in New England and in the past year has christened two new turbines, both installed at schools. The towns of Medford, MA and Portsmouth, RI will benefit from the electrical generation for years to come and generations of students will learn, hands-on, about renewable power. This flyer, along with others like it, helps us convey the many benefits of renewable energy to New Englanders, shifting our electrical generation to sustainable sources. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ It is no exaggeration to say that the donations we received from Adobe through TechSoup have been vital to the continued success of our mission. Our website is built in Dreamweaver; the graphics were created in Photoshop and Illustrator. Our flyers are posters are laid out in InDesign. Our newsletters and handouts are distributed with Acrobat. Together these packages would cost us thousands of dollars, but thanks to your donations we are able to put that money toward our programs. Thank you for helping us further our mission.
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