Northern Life Museum 2009 Gallery Renovations

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Northern Life Museum
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Fort Smith, 
Northern Territories
Organization's Mission Statement
To share the distinctive stories, history and natural and cultural heritage of the region of Thebacha, with local, national, and international audiences.

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Impact Essay
Many people believe that the main purpose of a museum it to collect and preserve artefacts. Although that is and will hopefully always be an important part of a museum’s role in society there is another purpose that has been gaining ground in the museum community for the last twenty years and it is this purpose that is occupying the time of more and more of us. That new purpose is communication. To have an object of value is well and good but if the existence of that object goes unnoticed by the public at large then it throw real doubt onto the reasons why so much attention is taken in its care. The primary way that a museum communicates with the public traditionally is through its displays and it is with this in mind the Northern Life Museum began its most recent renovations to its gallery and display space. Freedom and flexibility are a key component to crafting a story to a space. That is one of the key challenges to producing a space where text, graphics and physical object work cooperatively to convey not only concepts but a feel for the subject matter. That is one of the many things that we have benefited from in adobe’s donation of software to the Northern Life Museum. In our last renovation we were constrained and our ability to communicate with our audience suffered for it. We were limited by our budget, by the skills of our staff and by the production capacity of our museum. What we are most excited about is the ability that we now have to remove barriers to communication in our displays instead of being forced to live with them.
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