Oregon Environmental Council: Vote with Your Fork! Pledge

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Oregon Environmental Council
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The Oregon Environmental Council safeguards what Oregonians love about Oregon – clean air and water, an unpolluted landscape and healthy food produced by local farmers. For 40 years we’ve been a champion for solutions to protect the health of every Oregonian and the health of the place we call home. We work to create innovative change on three levels: we help individuals live green; we help businesses, farmers and health providers thrive with sustainable practices; and we help elected officials create practical policy.

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The Oregon Environmental Council’s Vote with Your Fork! pledge is a powerful tri-fold brochure to challenge eaters to commit to one action that will have an impact on their health, support their local economy and protect the environment. The pledge communicates that eaters have the power to effect change with their eating habits and offers a broad range of beginner through advanced steps to take. The pledge is the beginning of a year-long engagement campaign planned to empower eaters through their food choices. The pledge encourages participants to visit our website at www.oeconline.org/fork for ideas on how to take action. The pledge also directs eaters to sign up for our monthly Vote with Your Fork! e-newsletter. We will be furthering the relationship being built with eaters through the e-newsletter by offering regular tips, resources and area events designed to inspire further action. The campaign is reaching local business with lunchtime presentations designed to educate eaters about the ripple effects of their food choices. The pledge is being utilized as the follow up piece for these presentations. In addition to the presentations, the pledge’s are being distributed at relevant events, through local events, in CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) boxes and local businesses. There is also an online version of the pledge which is being promoted through our monthly e-newsletter and social media networks like Facebook and LinkedIn. Educating eaters about the significant impact their food choices have on our health, economy and environment is a critical step for the Oregon Environmental Council to fulfill our mission of “safeguarding the things we love about Oregon.”
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