Otero Mesa Campaign Brochure

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New Mexico Wilderness Alliance
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New Mexico
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The New Mexico Wilderness Alliance is dedicated to the creation, protection and restoration of wilderness in our state.

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The story of Otero Mesa is told through a beautiful new campaign brochure created with Adobe In-Design. The story begins with a grassland teaming with wildlife, faced with the threat of oil and gas development during the push for more domestic production. With over 95% of the grassland available to oil and gas leasing, our fight was tough. Otero Mesa is the largest and wildest Chihuahuan Desert grassland left on federal public lands in the United States. At over 1.2 million acres in size, the area is home to almost 1,000 native wildlife species, including mule deer, mountain lion, black-tailed prairie dogs, golden and bald eagles, over 200 species of migratory songbirds, and the state’s healthiest and only genetically pure herd of pronghorn antelope. Through our grassroots organizing efforts, the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance and a coalition of conservation groups has successfully held off any oil and gas development in this area since 2001. Now, with a new Administration, the campaign to protect Otero Mesa needed a new face. With the threat of oil and gas exploration diminishing, the new focus is to permanently protect the land, water and wildlife of Otero Mesa. Our campaign materials needed to reflect the unique beauty and natural treasures of the area. Our graphic designer created this dramatic new brochure utilizing Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and In-Design to portray the grasslands and the unique wildlife that flourish there. The integration of these tools gave us the power to let creativity fly—and the birds too. The brochure is the center-piece of our outreach efforts to our new congressional leaders, new agency directors and members of the community. It has been an incredibly effective piece to grab the attention of new decision makers and visually emphasize the beauty of Otero Mesa’s sensitive landscape and the need to protect it for future generations.
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