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Sibley Nature Center
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The mission of the Sibley Nature Center is to increase awareness of the natural and historical environment of the southern Llano Estacado through a broad range of interpretive programs and personal experience.

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Adobe photoshop (acquired through Techsoup) is a wonderful tool to for photo-editting. Once we began using it, our turnaround time to create photoessays shortened tremendously. The ease of saving photos at different resolutions is also of great value. With Adobe photoshop we have now created the best bioregional education website on the Internet, with over 4500 pictures in 130 photoessays. The website serves as an introduction to West Texas, and receives for over 30,000 page hits per month. We also create enewsletters with the photos processed by Adobe, and one of them, El Despoblado, reaches over 1200 naturalists in Texas, New Mexico and beyond, each month.
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