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Swan View Coalition
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We help folks conserve and restore quiet habitat for fish, wildlife and people.

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Healthy exercise is essential to public health, but quiet places to exercise and relieve stress are threatened by an onslaught of motor vehicles. We encourage folks to protect and restore quiet habitat for fish, wildlife and people by hosting every-Saturday hikes and skis into the Swan Mountain Range of northwest Montana and through electronic and print media. We use Adobe Creative Suite 3 on a daily basis. It helps us promote public policy favoring non-motorized recreation as a means to conserve fossil fuels and help make America more energy independent and physically fit. Last summer we used Adobe CS3 to produce a print-ready Swan Ranger flyer in PDF for printing of newspaper inserts. We also optimized the Swan Ranger flyer PDF for smaller file size to facilitate less resource-intensive distribution via email and via our web site at http://www.swanrange.org/ranger_flyer.htm. The inserts last year helped increase our Swan Ranger email subscriptions five-fold and double Swan View Coalition’s dues-paying members! Adobe PDFs continue to offer the best bridge between print and electronic media for small organizations like ours. What is good for fish and wildlife is also good for people – and Adobe CS3 helps us carry that message widely!
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