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Friends of Pathways
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Mission: Friends of Pathways advocates the funding, construction, maintenance, and use of pathways, trails, and complete streets through advocacy, educational outreach, and public/private partnerships. About the Organization: Friends of Pathways is dedicated to connecting the communities in and around Jackson Hole by promoting healthy opportunities for human powered transportation and recreation, promoting a complete pathway system, safe streets, and great trails for Jackson Hole.

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Friends of Pathways is celebrating our 15th year, and over that time has made a significant positive impacts on protecting the natural environment of Jackson Hole, an internationally significant location with two National Parks and two National Forests in Teton County, Wyoming. Adobe products have allowed us to work in multiple ways to achieve our mission. We work with InDesign, Illustrator, Acrobat, and Photoshop on a daily basis. These are mission critical software products for us. As a measure of success for our efforts, Jackson Hole was recently awarded a Gold Level Bicycle Friendly Community award, issued by the League of American Bicyclists. Adobe products played an important role in reaching this honor. The community has a world-class backcountry trails system, an increasingly connected pathway system for bicycling and walking, and is diligent in reviewing every street and highway reconstruction to be sure bicycle and pedestrian modes are well served. Through creative use of the Adobe family of products, our non-profit organization has been instrumental in winning public support and the vital support of elected leaders, such as U.S. Senator John Barrasso, featured in the example newsletter uploaded with this application. Last summer Friends of Pathways used Adobe products in preparing for the Boy Scouts of America ArrowCorps5 project, the largest volunteer effort since the great depression. One thousand Scouts came to Jackson Hole to work on a major trail construction effort, building 12 miles of new trails and repairing 10 more. Our community is well on the way to having one of the best transportation and recreation systems in the country. Adobe products have helped us communicate our needs in a compelling and successful fashion. Friends of Pathways work is creating significant positive social change. Thanks for your consideration in helping Friends of Pathways.
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